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We Believe in the Holy Spirit

KEY POINT: There are a lot of things attributed to the Holy Spirit that when measured by Scripture, doesn’t add up. On the other hand, there are stuff about the Holy Spirit we read in Scripture, that when compared to our life now, don’t add up as well.  Unfortunately, the general impact of this is that […]

We Believe in God, the Father Almighty

Matthew 6:9-13 KEY POINT: God, the Father is both infinitely powerful yet intensely personal. OPEN: Begin your time by sharing what you know about God, the Father.  Describe how you see Him. How does this impact your behavior? CONNECT: Read Matt. 6:9-13. We know this as the Lord’s Prayer.  It was given by Jesus to […]

We Believe Series Introduction

Romans 10:9-10 KEY POINT: There are a lot of things we say we believe but upon intentional reflection, we realize that we simply know and agree with the statements.  The difference between believing and knowing is that believing results in action while knowing does not. OPEN: Discuss the following among yourselves.  What do you believe […]

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